Today our focus is :



The Production of customized rotors, stators and radial bearings for Mud – Motor Power sections and special applications with our team of experts in Germany and Asia. This includes the design of efficient geometries for power sections and pumps, Moineau and Hypocycloid




The manufacturing and designing of single screw pumps for conveying applications in all business fields as there are Oil & Gas, Chemical, Food & Beverage and Environmental Business.




The Manufacturing of upstream single screw pumps ( downhole ) in a wide range.



Customized designed elastomer compounds and its production in cooperation with a German rubber technology company.



Consulting for manufactures of positive displacement rotors and stators.



Beside that we deliver a wide range of high tech equipment and accessories.


Stator cores for special applications like asymmetric- , tapered - and multilayer – stators. They particular are designed to balance the individual shrinking of compounds.


Customized elastomer compounds for high temperature, high torque, and explosive decompression and for underbalanced drilling conditions.