customized Components



Adjustable RingMud MotorsRing


  • Tungsten carbide radial bearings
  • Axial bearings
  • Adjusting rings



down hole pumps


  • Direct driven well heads

    Direct driven well heads

    Direct driven well heads

    Direct driven well heads => 12 - 150 kW
    This system uses a 3-phase permanent-magnetic synchronous low speed, large torque servo motor. The motor and a servo driving unit together form this specialized intelligent oil pumping control system.
    The system has following basic features:
    Motor efficiency is as high as 91%. It is constantly higher than 80% between 20% and 300% of the nominal load.
    Direct large-torque driving, sparing the traditional gear and belt transmission mechanism, thus much lower level of maintenance is needed.
    The intelligent oil pumping control can automatically adapt to load changes such as oil volume, oil concentration and water content. This assures the system running under the best production status and energy-saving status.
  • Torque AnchorTorque anchors

  • SensorSensors

    Permanent Down-hole Monitoring of pressure and temperature for ESP and PCP – Pumps is a must for :

    • Increasing of the well production
    • Developing a rational , scientific extraction program through the down-hole operation environment to ensure a long term production process.
    • Reducing the costs.
    • Prevent the Pump from overload, dry running and pump stuck for safe production.
    • Balanced fluid level.
    • Dynamic adjustment of water injection.

    SensorSpecifications :

    Pressure ( pump oil ): 0 – 15 kpsi

    Temperature ( pump oil ): -10 °C - +180 °C

    Vibration: 30 g

    Maximum pressure: 100 MPa

    Maximum voltage isolation: 6KV DC

  • Sucker rods







Hobbing ToolFor general purpose


  • Hob milling tools
  • Tubes for metal stators
  • Sheet metal stators