Customized Power Sections


Customized Power SectionsSubtor develops, designs and produces high end Power Sections for various applications or to the precise need of the customer. Detailed Know How and full process control from the very first layout until the final run in the field is our strength.


In order to achieve the best quality of each item, it is indispensable to investigate and control all sub-items as well.




  • Material and vendor selection
  • Treatment before Injection
  • Relocation specifics
  • Treatment after injection
  • Inspection
  • Relining




  • Chemical mixture development
  • Feeding and injection process
  • Vulcanization procedure
  • Application based Elastomer selection
  • Drilling relevant parameters
  • Inspection




  • geometrical layout
  • Pre-clamping evaluation
  • Machining method selection
  • Dynamic compensation parameters
  • IPCL evaluation (in process closed loop)
  • Heat treatment and coating



Power Section - Performance chart




  • Produced with state of the art equipment, polished or with snakeskin
  • With customers choice of materials up to 10 meters length

  • Selective coatings like hard chrome plated, tungsten carbide and ceramic finishing are available




Stators up to 10 meters length made from


  • Long-lasting NBR for all kind of drilling

  • High performance NBR for highest torque

  • High temperature HNBR for ultra hot drilling requirements
  • High temperature HNBR for ultra-hot drilling requirements



Geometries are always customized!

Radial bearings customized to your demands and drawings.