Progressive cavity pumps




Based on German technology and imported core technology parts. Conveying - Volume between 0.02m3/h to 350m3/h, maximum pressure up to 4.8MPa,Special designs up to6.0MPa。


Customized products are our strength


Certified by ISO 9001

These pumps are made for:


  • Waste water applications with a solid content up to 45%;
  • Viscosities up to 100,000 mPaS;
  • Fibers
  • Shear stress sensible liquids;
  • Conveying an mixtures of solids- liquids and gases.




Advantages are:


  • Volumetric efficiency up to 96%, mechanical efficiency up to 70~80%
  • No Pulsation, Dosing applications are possible and widely used
  • Suction height up to 8 meters;
  • Robust and simple design, easy maintenance without special tooling;
  • Special flanges geometries for every customers demand.