Applications for these kinds of pumps are:


Chemical Industries  

Chemical Industries:

The pumps are used to convey all kind of abrasive and corrosive mediums in different chemical processes , like bio-medicine, cosmetics,

textile, printing and coating, paper mills, etc.


Oil and Gas  

Oil and Gas industry:

for upstream and conveying, for ground waste water applications, for all kinds of watering and drinking water. Very often used for crude oil, mixtures of oil and gas ( multi-phase ), polymer solution, waste water, etc.

Food an Beverage  

Food and Beverage industry:

the pump are used widely to convey all kind of high viscous

and solid content mediums, like juice, jam, molasses, tomato ketchup, dairy products,

condiment, etc.

Environmental Protection  

Environmental Protection Industries:

here the pumps are mainly used in sewage treatment for industry and municipality, solid waste treatment, waste water treatment in shipyards and vessels, bio-gas and power plants.