Progressive cavity Pumps for upstream applications


Hallthe elastomeric evaluation and the rubber processing as well asthe mechanical production of the Rotor and the Stator becoming them into world-renowned design and complemented products.


Both Stators and Rotors combine a series of cycles depending on each other which must be correctly timed and tuned according to your needs. All our Products Cores, Rubber or Accessories are operating around the world, the America’s, Europe, Asia, India, Middle East, Russia, etc. giving added-values for Oil & Gas, Food and Industry applications in a wide range variety and customized selected products.


As diversity set a difference, we are not the exception when we talk about quality and understanding in business

Progressive Cavity PumpsAll above mentioned results in:


  • Lower torque that means less stressed products
  • High efficiency that means less power consumption
  • Longer lifetime. That means more production


Downhole PCP Overview (PDF 472 kb)